What time do you open?

Our shows begin at 8pm, we open the doors to the venue at 7:30pm to allow people to purchase drinks and find seats.

When will the show end?

As it is live comedy we cannot guarantee a finish time however we usually aim for a finish between 10-10:30pm.

What is the seating arrangement?

Theatre style seating in rows of 8 with an aisle down the middle.

Can I reserve a seat?

Yes, in most cases. Please contact us if you would like your seats reserved. We offer this service to give groups the best possible chance of being able to sit together however it may not always be possible to reserve seats.

Can I get tickets if the show is sold out?

If the website says a show is sold out there will not be any tickets available on the door. However please contact us and we can add you to the waiting list. There’s no guarantee that tickets will become available however if we do get availability our waiting list is the only way to get access to them.

Is heckling allowed?

Heckling is a part of live comedy, but a part of it we try to avoid as it can quickly become tiresome for other members of the audience if it is overdone. If an audience member persistently interrupts a performer or if the heckling is vicious, racist, or in any other way offensive in our opinion we will take action to put a stop to it. In most cases this will firstly be a polite request for the offender to stop their heckling.

Do you have a code of conduct?

We expect members of the audience to respect the performers, other paying members of the audience, the staff and the venue. This means that we will do our utmost to ensure our customers can enjoy the show without having to put up with constant interruptions to the show or people talking while the performers are on stage. If you are not interested in watching the show please do not spoil it for the other people who are.

What if I choose to ignore your code of conduct?

Persistent interruptions, disruptions or talking whilst the show is in progress will result in either a polite request asking you to quiten and settle down or you will be asked to leave the venue immediately, the severity of the disruption will determine the actions taken and the decisions of the Torquay Comedy Club staff are final. We reserve the right to ask you to leave the venue with reasonable cause at any time without any penalty to the Torquay Comedy Club, including refunds.

How can I get a performing spot at the Torquay Comedy Club?

Please contact us to discuss the possibility of performing for us.


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