5 unique ways to watch our online comedy show.

With just over 1 week until our next our next online live show (tickets available for only £3 below), we thought we would share with you some clever ways to watch the show however you want.

5. Bedroom Comedy Club

Lets face it there's no place most people would rather be than snuggled up in your own bed, so why not turn your bedroom into a private comedy club?

We have made it easier than ever for you to watch our live show, you can view all the laughs on your Sky box, Computer, Laptop, Games Console, Smart TV, Tablet, Phone, Amazon fire stick or Chromecast to name a few so no matter what your set up is you'll be able to get comfy under the duvet to tune in, just make sure if you're watching with someone else you don't get distracted and miss anything ;-)

4. Make it a party

Since the lockdown began video conferencing apps such as Zoom, Skype and Houseparty have taken the world by storm! People have got really creative with the ways they use these apps to stay connected to their loved ones. Combine 1 of these apps with number 1 on this list and you'll have the closest thing to a real comedy club from the comfort of your own home.

3. Giggles and bubbles?

A lot of parents will have experienced hiding in the bathroom under the premise of needing the toilet just to get some much needed time away from the kids and with them currently off school what could be better than a nice hot bubble bath and some big laughs from the top comedy stars we have performing at our online live show? Of course we would never recommend risking using electronics whilst in or near water but we think the set up in the picture above looks like a good way to escape the troubles of parenting for a while, just make sure whoever's watching the kids can't hear you belly laughing!

Not a parent yet? Wondered what it's like? This video sums it up perfectly in just 34 seconds.

2. Make your own beer garden.

With the weather as nice as it has been lately (insert stereotypical British moan about the weather here especially when the sun decides to come out when outdoor time is limited!) a lot of people are dreaming of days spent in a beer garden with a cold drink in hand relaxing and having a laugh with friends.

These guys turned that dream into a reality and turned their concrete into this amazing looking beer garden for under £800! All they need now is a £3 ticket to our live online comedy show on 29th May projected onto that white screen and this is a perfect beer garden comedy club.

Click below to see how they created this

  1. Homemade Comedy Club

The idea of sitting close to strangers in a packed out room may seem a distant memory but there's no denying the atmosphere of a full comedy club is something truly spectacular, although impossible to replicate at home here's a few ideas to help get close.

Pull the sofa or chairs close to the TV to get a front row feel, use the Zoom video conferencing app to be a part of our audience during the live show so you can provide vital laughter feedback to the comedian performing, combine that with a few drinks and classic bar snacks and you'll feel like your in the thick of all the action once again.

Our online live show hosts 3 top class comedy stars as seen on 8 out of 10 cats, Russell Howards Good News, Comedy Central and many many more TV shows! At only £3 per household for an hours live entertainment we think that's a real bargain.

And don't forget to send us a message asking to be in the audience to get in amongst the atmosphere and get the most from the experience.

How will you be watching?

Let us know in the comments below.

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